Songwriting I - Year One  

Songwriter’s Skills and Craft
  • Creative Songwriting: Melody and lyrics writing.  
  • Basic Structures: The Verse-Chorus (AB) form. The Verse-Chorus-Bridge form.  
  • Theory for Songwriters: Basic concepts of music theory for songwriters.  
  • Lyric-writing: The 6 best friends. Number of Lines. Length of Lines. Dimension of lines (external, internal, hybrid). Rhyme types.  
  • Rambling & Scaffolding: Generating ideas, getting inspiration, using your senses  
  • Rhetoric in Songwriting: Anaphora, Parallelism, etc.  
  • The Classic Form: Standard AABA form.  
  • AAA Forms and blues Form: Old but still gold song forms.  
  • History of Song: Glances at established songwriters.  
  • Introduction to Music Technology: Creating a song demo.  
  • Listening and analyzing songs: Understanding forms.  
  • Modes of Address: Lyrical. Dramatic. Narrative.  
  • Through-composed Form: a more complex song form.  
  • Basic Business of Music: Tips for new songwriters. 

Songwriting II - Year Two  

Collaborative Songwriting
  • The Art of Collaboration: Team Songwriting. Finding the right team. Setting lyrics to music. Setting music to lyrics.  
  • Collaborative project: Writing 2 songs as part of a collaboration 

Music Production
  • Identity, Vision, Intention: as an artist and as a producer.  
  • Tools & Strategies: Arranging. Vocals delivery.  
  • Crafting strong demos: DAW. Audio Interface. Microphones Types. Layering. 

The Business of Songwriting
  • Songwriter as a writer for other artists and the singer-songwriter.  
  • Royalties. Performing rights. Songwriters associations. Record Labels.  
  • Marketing. Product Management. Advertising. PR and branding.  
  • Cost for recording, session musicians, mix/master, building a website. 

Professional Project
Identify, plan and complete a project of your own choosing. This is a chance to present a showcase artefact, representing the songs developed during these 2 years of studies. The length should be between 15 to 20 minutes, relevant to a professional Extended Play (EP). 

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